Our Faculty


Principal — Mrs. Teresa Underwood

Administrative Assistants — Mrs. Kim Getman, Mrs. Kim Gillespie


Preschool — Mrs. Amy Wilcher

Kindergarten — Mrs. Marci Sullivan

Grade 1 — Mrs. Jessica Carlisle

Grade 2 — Mrs. Bonnie McFarland

Grade 3 — Mrs. Chloe True

Grade 4 — Mr. Bob Stipp

Grade 5 — Mrs. Jamie Norman

Middle School

Physical Education/Social Studies/Grade 7 Homeroom — Mr. Adam Brown

Religion — Mrs. Kim Getman

Language Arts/Science/Grade 6 Homeroom — Mr. Everett Hays

Math/Science/Grade 8 Homeroom — Ms. Holly Thatcher

Health/Counseling/Athletic Director — Mr. Spencer Wardlow

Fine Arts

Band — Ms. Emily Cook

Elementary and MS Art — Mrs. Nancy Kidd

Music Education — Mr. Benjamin Seiwert

Physical Education

Elementary and MS PE — Mr. Adam Brown

“This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer”.