Our Graduates

Expectations and Characteristics of a St. Vincent de Paul Student upon Graduation.

The St. Vincent de Paul graduates will have an education of academic excellence within the context of the Catholic faith and will use that education to continue to develop their God given talents to become faith filled, productive members of society.

The St. Vincent de Paul students will continue a lifelong journey of spiritual development. The graduates will have a basic knowledge of the Gospels and an understanding of the philosophy and teachings of Jesus Christ. They will have knowledge of the history and teachings of the Catholic Church as well as an established practice of the Catholic faith that will continue throughout life. These foundations will continue to foster:

A love of God and a God centered life; A continuing practice of the Catholic faith including attending Sunday Mass, receiving the Eucharist, and practicing Reconciliation and Penance as well as the other sacraments in a timely fashion; A continuing development of spiritual growth through reading of the Scriptures, prayer, and Christian service to others and to their community; A sense of self-worth and a sense of purpose in carrying out God’s mission here on earth; The ability to make good moral decisions based on Christian principles.

The St. Vincent de Paul students will have a solid academic foundation and will have the skills necessary to continue a lifelong journey of learning. The graduates will have:

High academic expectations; The prerequisites necessary for academic competitiveness and confidence to become honor students. They will know how to digest written material, to do research and to apply knowledge to solve problems; Self-discipline and the motivation to achieve academic success; A pre-supposition toward college.

The St. Vincent de Paul students will develop the strength of character to be socially responsible citizens of society. They will have:

An understanding of their social, emotional and physical development and the importance of maintaining a healthy condition in all these areas; A basic respect for each member of society, an appreciation for family, and a conviction that all life is sacred; An appreciation for all of God’s creation and a conviction to be good stewards of the earth; A contributing attitude toward the betterment of society based on their Christian values and the experiences gained in participating in the many service projects at St. Vincent de Paul School; The courage to be leaders in the community; The ability to discern a worthy vocation.